PaveDrain & P4 Infrastructure Webinar at Noon CST on Tuesday, April 28th.

We will be presenting explaining all things PaveDrain and the P4-INFL Tracker. Doug Buch, President of PaveDrain, LLC will be covering the benefits of the PaveDrain Permeable Articulating Concrete Block paving system and how it can be an integral part of stormwater management, capture and re-use.  Doug will be joined by Dr. Chris Foley, President of..

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Self-Realization PaveDrain Case Study

Whitson CM reconstructed a parking lot to address drainage and flooding of a historic preservation site. The design dictated a trench drain to reduce sheet flows from about 1 acre. In lieu of a $27,000 trench drain, we replaced it with a $7,000 PaveDrain drainage trench. We excavated a 3ft trench sloped at 2%; lined..

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Ecoraster Equine

Want a stable and well drained arena/paddock? Ecoraster Equine can be purchased through any of our professional partners in equestrian facility design.

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