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Harmful bacteria in stormwater runoff

Did you know that stormwater runoff can contain harmful bacteria that can pose serious risks to public health and the environment? Our manufacturer, Fabco Industries, understands the importance of protecting our natural resources and is committed to providing innovative solutions for stormwater management. This team of experts has developed cutting-edge technologies, like the Helix Filter …

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World Water Day

CA Filtration Services is proud to offer an entire suite of stormwater solutions for the purposes of filtration, infiltration, underground waterstorage and more. HAPPY WORLD WATER DAY! We’ve gotcha covered.

Permeable Paving Solutions with Ecoraster


A 20,000 sq ft. parking lot expansion in the city of #Merced, CA is being built with Ecoraster. Why, you ask? Per CA stormwater regulations, as soon as you create 5000 sq ft. of impermeable surfacing, you must bring the entire property back to predevelopment runoff. This would require expensive stormdrain systems. By using Ecoraster, …

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Need a Tape Guld Certified way to remove pollutants from your site?

Use StormGarden, a micro-bioretention system that has been engineered for high flow treatment and high pollutant removal. The high flow-through rate of the engineered media results in a much smaller footprint than traditional bioretention systems, thus treating the same amount of stormwater runoff at a fraction of the cost. Expected Pollutant Removal: · Total Suspended …

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Stormwater tip


Permeable paving solutions, such as eco-friendly permeable grids, are becoming increasingly popular for #municipal paving projects. Each square of Ecoraster’s paver grid system is made from 100% post-consumer recycled bags, making it an environmentally-friendly, and economical alternative to other costly options. On par with high-quality asphalt, and less expensive than concrete, Ecoraster will easily fit …

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