R-Tank Chula Vista

Economic & Efficient Green Infrastructure

CFS provided another RTank system in Chula Vista, CA. This auto dealership development incorporated a 6176 cubic foot RTank underground detention system. 95% of this project’s flat space was designed for vehicle traffic. CFS designed a RTank HD Triple system capable of supporting HS-20 loading conditions. Each RTank system is installed with 2 ft of..

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We cover everything storm water

Need someone to handle EVERYTHING STORMWATER? We can help! #design #engineer #calculate #hydromodification #stormwater #installation #postcostruction #bmp #savemoney #civilengineering #landscapearchitecture #california #cities
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Stormwater’s Arch Enemy

The PaveDrain permeable paving system that solves multiple stormwater management and transportation problems all in one product. The arch’s shape maintains strength even under heavy loads and creates in internal storage chamber that can be filled with stormwater runoff. PaveDrain infiltrates and collects water where it falls, preventing stormwater runoff and polluted waters. permeable #pavement..

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Low Impact Development (LID) and Green Infrastructure (GI) Stormwater Solutions – Webinar

Green Technology is conducting an educational webinar in a partnership with California Filtration Specialists. Please join the experts for an educational webinar addressing critical stormwater issues. Learning Objectives: 1. Understanding core concepts of LID and green infrastructure.2. Learn about Decentralized Treatment Systems.3. Understanding the hydrology of a project site.4. Using these systems to achieve LID,..

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How it works: StormGarden

How it Works:Stormwater runoff enters the StormGarden unit through a curb inlet opening and flows down through the engineered filter media mixture that is contained in a landscaped concrete structure. The filter media captures sediment, nutrients, metals and hydrocarbons and removes them from the runoff. The stormwater runoff flows down through the media and into..

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virtual webinar

CASQA’s Virtual Webinar

We invite you to visit our booth today at CASQA’s Virtual Webinar. If you are in need of PDUs (professional development units), we have links to three 60min Power Point Presentations. There’s a wealth of info wrapped up in this little booth! If you didn’t get a chance to visit our booth, please feel free..

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Happy Healthy Horse

This horse’s health is in tip top shape thanks in part to Ecoraster flooring in his barn and exercise areas. Ecoraster keeps flooring dry, flexible, and mud free.

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City of Lake Forest receives 5,078 sq. feet of Focal Point

California Filtration Specialists has started the installation of a 5,078 sf FocalPoint system in the City of Lake Forest. This private housing development consists of the redevelopment of a 100+ acre existing nursery. Originally, a 2.5acre basin was designed to collect and treat the stormwater in a traditional bioretention basin. Instead, by using FocalPoint’s high-flow..

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