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CULTEC installation in San Luis Obispo

CULTEC San Luis Obispo installation

California Filtration Specialists provided CULTEC systems for a Tesla dealership in San Luis Obispo, CA. A total of 4 tanks were provided, totaling over 98,000 cubic feet of stormwater storage. CFS teamed with Atlas Civil Design to provide multiple designs of various systems, and Cultec proved to be the most cost-effective choice for this project.

Engineered to capture and store stormwater


When stormwater flows across surfaces such as roads, rooftops, and parking lots, it can pick up a variety of pollutants including oil, chemicals, and sediment. The polluted water can then enter streams, rivers, and other bodies of water, leading to harm to aquatic life and potential health risks for humans who use those water sources. …

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Ecoraster for residential spaces

A cute little home in Pasadena, CA added an ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit). It was important to this conscientious homeowner to install a driveway that was both sustainable and permeable. Ecoraster was installed in about 2 hours and was then filled with 3/4″ crushed rock. It looks amazing.

Permeable Paving Solutions with Ecoraster


A 20,000 sq ft. parking lot expansion in the city of #Merced, CA is being built with Ecoraster. Why, you ask? Per CA stormwater regulations, as soon as you create 5000 sq ft. of impermeable surfacing, you must bring the entire property back to predevelopment runoff. This would require expensive stormdrain systems. By using Ecoraster, …

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