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Permeable Paving Solutions with Ecoraster


A 20,000 sq ft. parking lot expansion in the city of #Merced, CA is being built with Ecoraster. Why, you ask? Per CA stormwater regulations, as soon as you create 5000 sq ft. of impermeable surfacing, you must bring the entire property back to predevelopment runoff. This would require expensive stormdrain systems. By using Ecoraster, …

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Stormwater tip


Permeable paving solutions, such as eco-friendly permeable grids, are becoming increasingly popular for #municipal paving projects. Each square of Ecoraster’s paver grid system is made from 100% post-consumer recycled bags, making it an environmentally-friendly, and economical alternative to other costly options. On par with high-quality asphalt, and less expensive than concrete, Ecoraster will easily fit …

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Ecoraster is your heavy-duty access road solution

Ecoraster is your heavy-duty access road solution. 300% stronger than minimum fire truck loading. Ecoraster can be either a permanent or temporary solution. Steep mountain access roads at over 20% can now be permanently stabilized for summer and winter use. AND, Ecoraster is less expensive than AC pavement and comes with a 20 year warranty.