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World Water Day

CA Filtration Services is proud to offer an entire suite of stormwater solutions for the purposes of filtration, infiltration, underground waterstorage and more. HAPPY WORLD

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Stormwater Tips

California’s industrial general permit has numeric action levels (NALs). Meaning, if you exceed specified pollutant levels, you must take action to reduce them. CFS’s technologies

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Evergreen BioCarbon to the rescue

Since 2014, Evergreen BioCarbon has also been used as a biofiltration media and microbial substrate and sorbent in National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System NPDES permitted

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Stormwater tip

Permeable paving solutions, such as eco-friendly permeable grids, are becoming increasingly popular for #municipal paving projects. Each square of Ecoraster’s paver grid system is made

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This is a holiday miracle, for sure

PaveDrain is heated. #permeable #pavers #interlocking #blocks #winter #safety #roads #driveways #parkinglots #firelanes #schools #stormwater #solutions #california #arizona #nevada #civilengineering #cityplanning #develope

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Cultec Installation

CFS installed our first Cultec system at a Dutch Brother’s in Madera, CA. Cultec’s arch pipe storage systems are durable and affordable. For more info

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TAPE Guild Certified

StormGarden is a Low Impact Design (LID) micro-bioretention system that has been engineered for high flow treatment and high pollutant removal. The high flow-through rate

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Proven stormwater solutions

Proud to be distributing and installing innovative stormwater solutions throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and New Mexico. California Filtration Specialists

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Pinecrest, CA – Looking Good!

The PaveDrain System is a Permeable Articulating Concrete Block (P-ACB) that creates a performance pavement with a patented arched reservoir to maximize on-site stormwater capacity.

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