Economic & Efficient Green Infrastructure

CFS provided another RTank system in Chula Vista, CA. This auto dealership development incorporated a 6176 cubic foot RTank underground detention system. 95% of this project’s flat space was designed for vehicle traffic. CFS designed a RTank HD Triple system capable of supporting HS-20 loading conditions. Each RTank system is installed with 2 ft of backfill surrounding the side of the system. We commonly recommend the use of a free draining stone due to its ease of compaction and its ability to provide additional storage volume in the void space of the gravel.

The Civil Engineer agreed to utilize the storage volume provided by the stone backfill as a part of the entire system’s storage volume. Doing so provides the most cost-efficient system since we are able to reduce the total number of RTank modules to meet the Design Capture Volume. Our goal at CFS is to ALWAYS provide the most economic and efficient green infrastructure systems for our clients! #detention#system#greeninfrastructure#economic#efficient#chulavista#rtank#water#storagevolumes#civilengineering

R-Tank Chula Vista