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Want a stable and well drained arena/paddock? Ecoraster Equine can be purchased through any of our professional partners in equestrian facility design.


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by Ecoraster

Don’t let the weather stop you from doing what you love! Rainy days are no longer a problem when you have HoofGrid by Ecoraster® installed in your equine or agricultural facilities. High-traffic areas like gates, horse paddocks, stalls, and feeding areas are susceptible to mudding which creates dangerous conditions and health issues. HoofGrid has been proven to reinforce the ground while acting as a drainage system that allows water to naturally drain into the ground. This reduces mud and pooling in these areas and significantly reduces the cost of regular ground maintenance. When installed in round pens, turnouts, walkers, and riding arenas, HoofGrid keeps your riding surfaces clean, dry, and safe for both horses and riders. It is also greatly beneficial in reducing dust and ongoing maintenance when installed in indoor riding arenas and stalls.

HoofGrid by Ecoraster® is the world’s most trusted equestrian solution. It is a durable and UV-resistant product that won’t become brittle or break. Hoofgrid can withstand extreme climates, both warm and cold, and it comes backed with a 10-year warranty. The grid is made of 100% recycled plastic (low-density polyethylene), so you can be confident that you are installing an eco-friendly product that is safe for your livestock and the environment. Superior drainage for your high-traffic areas is finally achievable with HoofGrid!

Additional Benefits:

  • Permeable ground reinforcement system reduces mud and pooling
  • Quick and easy installation (up to 1,076 sq ft per person per hour)
  • Installation without heavy construction equipment
  • Level and elastic riding surface reduces the risk of injury to animals’ tendons and joints
  • Minimized maintenance: Urine flows through, reducing odor and flies; manure is easy to scoop.
  • Excellent free-draining arenas at reduced costs
  • High resilience to support heavy vehicle loads (up to 70,000 pounds/sq ft)
  • Versatile applications
  • Weatherproof & unbreakable
  • Safety interlocking elements ensure no tripping
  • UV-resistant & frostproof
  • 10-year warranty

Hoofgrid is suitable for:

  • Paddocks/Stalls
  • Walkers
  • Pathways
  • Gateways
  • Feeders
  • Cleaning Stations
  • Round Pens/Arenas
  • Temporary Event Parking
  • Access & Storage Areas

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