Ecoraster Equine

Rainy days are no longer a problem. Don’t let the weather stop you from doing what you love. Ecoraster is a high quality, permeable ground reinforcement product that reduces mud and muck in your riding areas.

Superior drainage for your high traffic areas is achievable with Ecoraster.

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Additional Benefits:

  • Easy and quick installation (up to 1,076 ft2 per person)
  • High resilience (up to 70,000 pounds/ ft2)
  • Low maintenance
  • Installation without heavy construction equipment
  • No edging needed
  • Permeable ground reinforcement
  • Versatile applications
  • Weatherproof and unbreakable
  • Safety interlocking, 36 notches per m2
  • UV-resistant and frostproof
  • 20 year warranty