Fabco’s FabGuard Filters can Reduce Pollutants coming from your Industrial Facility

California Filtration Specialists is proud to offer Fabco’s FabGuard Filters to Reduce Pollutants coming from your Industrial Facility.   

The new Industrial General Permit (IGP) has DRASTICALLY changed how businesses must manage their operations and activities. In order to minimize pollutants from discharging, most businesses will be required to filter stormwater before it leaves the property.

In order to comply with the stormwater quality standards of the new IGP, many sites will have to implement mechanical filtration to achieve the pollutant reduction requirements. CFS is proud to offer Fabco’s customizable cartridge-based filtration devices to all of California. Come to us for any of your project or pollutant-specific needs.

Keep your Site in Compliance

FABGUARD media used in Fabco’s StormBasin, StormSafe and patented Helix treatment systems is a registered pesticide with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for reducing coliform bacteria in stormwater, industrial wastewater, and municipal wastewater applications. FabGuard filters have raised the bar in removing coliform bacteria from our valuable waterways.  Our customizable cartridge-based filtration devices remove fine particulates, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, organics, and bacteria. The proprietary media in these cartridges can be customized to target specific pollutants of concern to meet your site’s personal IGP compliance needs.

FabGuard filters combine patented chemical technology with our proprietary cellular foam material, making it antimicrobially active. This antimicrobial solution will not wash out, or leach into the environment. Microorganisms that contact the FabGuard surface are neutralized. Nothing is depleted or transferred to the now dead cell. The FabGuard antimicrobial filter retains its effectiveness and the surface is ready for the next bacteria cell.

Efficacy testing of FabGuard performed at flow rates ranging from 10 to 100 gallons per minute have confirmed reductions of both E. coli and Enterococcus in the 70 to 99% range.
Flow RateEnterococci ReductionE. coli Reduction
10 GPM99.86%92.02%
40 GPM99.86%86.84%
100 GPM99.86%72.70%


Easy to Install and Maintain

FabGuard perfectly complements existing Fabco stormwater filtration systems including catch basin inserts like our StormBasin and StormPod systems for retrofit applications. Or, end of pipe solutions such as our cartridge based StormSafe or patented high-flow Helix vaults.

An all too common issue with today’s industrial facilities is how to meet stormwater regulations with limited budgets and tight space constraints. Easily retrofitted into existing structures, Fabco filtration devices can be deployed directly in the storm sewer system to capture contaminants close to where they accumulate. From an operations perspective, catch basins with Fabco filters are also easier and quicker to clean out because pollutants are trapped just under the grate eliminating the contamination of sump water and costly disposal.


Contact California Filtration Specialists to learn more about Fabco Filtration Products and other ways CFS can help your site remain in compliance with the new CA IGP!



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