How it works: StormGarden

How it Works:
Stormwater runoff enters the StormGarden unit through a curb inlet opening and flows down through the engineered filter media mixture that is contained in a landscaped concrete structure. The filter media captures sediment, nutrients, metals and hydrocarbons and removes them from the runoff. The stormwater runoff flows down through the media and into an underdrain pipe at the bottom of the structure, where the treated water is discharged. However, a portion of the treated water exits the structure through the infiltration panel into the surrounding soil.

• 20% to 30% smaller footprint than the competition due to a higher media flow-through rate.
• Increased pollutant removal efficiencies due to runoff reduction capabilities.
• Factory installed bio-media insures that the system will perform as designed.
• Easily maintained by local landscape companies.