How to clean up the dirtiest words in construction

How to clean up the dirtiest words in construction

Stormwater Runoff….These two words have been the dirtiest and most challenging of all issues facing the current construction industry. The stormwater regulations are constantly changing and becoming even more difficult to meet; while at the same time enforcement and violations are increasing throughout state.

No longer do these strict regulations need to cause fear or worry. California Filtration Specialists has a solution for you!

Whether you need to use it or lose it, CFS has an answer for your stormwater runoff problems. We are proud to offer the next generation of Post-Construction BMPs, exclusively to California. Finally, Green Infrastructure solutions that actually work while not destroying your entire budget.

CFS’s filtration, infiltration and biofiltration devices are durable and low-maintenance. Our line of LID BMPs consists of cost-effective, space-efficient alternatives to the ineffective infiltration, biofiltration and filtration traditionally seen on the market. Lower your project’s overall footprint with our space-saving FocalPoint biofiltration or R-Tank modular stormwater storage devices!


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