Fabco Pretreatment and Filtration

Fabco Industries’ stormwater filtration products can be applied in either decentralized or centralized treatment settings. These filtration systems are designed to provide effective treatment of stormwater runoff while maintaining high flow rates throughout the life of the cartridge. Stormwater filter cartridges are available in various configurations allowing you to target specific pollutants such as: sediments, debris, heavy metals, hydrocarbons/toxic chemicals, pathogens/bacteria and nutrients. The lightweight filter cartridge snaps securely in place with a quick twist making installation, maintenance and replacement as easy as possible.

 Fabco filter cartridges can be customized with specific media that can target fine particulates, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, organics and other pollutants. Fabco Industries offers a variety of filter cartridge types which can be used interchangeably in our durable filtration system. Additionally, the compact, versatile design of the filter cartridge is easily adaptable to larger underground stormwater treatment vaults allowing the Fabco technology to be used in applications that require greater flow rates and larger treatment capacities.

Fabco offers a variety of filtration media that are uniquely designed to effectively reduce a variety of pollutants including (but not limited to) TSS, Oil & Grease, Metals, and E-Coli.

More About our Customizable Filtration Solutions:


Ideally suited for municipal storm drain retrofits, the StormBasin’s solid construction and unique design allow for easy installation and maintenance. The StormBasin is a filtration BMP that employs filter cartridges to remove fine particulates, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, organics and bacteria. The proprietary media in cartridges can be customized to target specific pollutants of concern.


The DownSpout filter is designed to treat particulates and soluble pollutants contained in stormwater runoff from rooftops. The DownSpout system is versatile and can be expanded beyond the standard two-filter cartridge design for more treatment capacity or higher flow rates.

StormSafe Cartridge System

The StormSafe applies Fabco’s proprietary filter cartridge technology in a vault configuration for a more efficient centralized treatment system. StormSafe can be used as a standalone treatment device or in series with other manufactured or land-based (green infrastructure) treatment systems.


The StormPod is a filtration BMP that employs custom-built filtration cartridges to remove fine particulates, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, organics and bacteria. The insert combines a gross pollutant trap with filtration technology for effective solid and dissolved pollutant capture.

StormSafe Helix

StormSafe’s three dual helix filter elements allow flow rates up to Ten CFS while reducing E. Coli, Fecal Coliform, Enterococcus and other bacteria by up to 70%. The StormSafe Helix is a high flow and customizable filtration solution which not only kills bacteria on contact, but is lightweight and self cleaning.

FABGUARD is a porous, open cell foam material infused with a patented antimicrobial chemical that neutralizes bacteria on contact. Reduction rates for bacterial removal (i.e. Enterococci and E.coli) exceed 90% in field and laboratory testing. FABGUARD is certified by the California Department of Pesticide Regulations for bacteria removal. Fabco’s filter cartridges each have a pretreatment layer of FABGUARD media. Additionally, Fabco’s Helix Filter can be treated with FABGUARD to optimize bacteria removal in centralized treatment applications. (Pictured: Santana High School Installation in Santee, California)