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The StormBasin is designed to capture and retain stormwater catch basin pollutants namely: sediment, trash, vegetation, nutrients, coliform bacteria, oil/grease and dissolved metals (e.g., lead, copper, cadmium and chromium).

Features summary:

  • Replaceable filter cartridges can target specific pollutants
  • Durable, aluminum frame with large volume injection molded basin
  • Covered bypass retains trash during extreme rain events
  • Adjustable mounting system, long life, competitively priced and low cost of ownership

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StormSack BMP & StormSack Plus

Using the latest in geotextile technology the StormSack offers high flow rates and is equipped with a hydrocarbon absorption boom. Filter bags are supplied with a reinforcement HDPE mesh liner to protect the filter bag during maintenance activities.

Features Summary:

  • Designed for flat, combination, and open curb drain inlets
  • Holds up to 1,100 lbs of sediments and debris
  • Hydrocarbon treatment capability
  • Durable, aluminum frame with replaceable filter bags – designed to last
  • Covered bypass retains trash during extreme rain events
  • Adjustable mounting system

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Beehive Overflow Filter

Rain Garden Bypass/Overflow

Rain gardens are generally designed to only capture either the first inch of runoff or some specific Water Quality Volume (WQv) for treatment. Some type of overflow mechanism should be considered in order to prevent erosion and other potential damage from flooding.

Key Benefits of StormSok Beehive FiltersSimple, durable, corrosion resistant construction

  • Sizes to fit most pipes: 8” up to 36” ID – short (12”) and long (21”) bags available
  • Fast, simple installation
  • No worries about grate/frame compatibility
  • Cost-effective protection for high flow operation
  • Reduces clogs – keeps sediments and debris out of underground detention unit
  • Quick clean out – beehive filter lifts up and out for servicing

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ScreenBox is a grate inlet skimmer box, a curb inlet skimmer box, and a curb inlet basket retrofit filter insert for new and existing storm drain inlets or catch basin inserts.

The design traps sediment and debris, all while allowing runoff water to pass through the filter and exit through the storm drain system. The Screen Box can be used for many typical applications, such as parking lots, commercial properties, roadway surfaces as well as stormwater “hot spots,” such as transportation centers, vehicle maintenance facilities, gas stations/fueling locations and industrial applications. More Screenbox info

DownSpout Filter

The Fabco Down Spout Filter is designed to treat particulates and soluble pollutants contained in runoff water from roof tops. This product is perfect for industrial facilities that deal with waste treatment, metal recycling etc. Read more about the specific applications below.

System Overview

  • Large freestanding filter enclosure offers multiple above ground installation and mounting options
  • Constructed from 300 series Stainless Steel – powder coated on exterior surfaces only
  • Overall dimensions: 24 1/8” W x 33 ½”L x 40 3/4” high (standard)
  • Hinged door panel opens away from the building side and features a latch for secure retention and rubber bumpers to protect cabinet
  • Stainless Steel mounting surface provides “Twist-Lok” retention and a tight seal
  • 4” PVC inlet/Outlet pipes (standard)
  • Clean out port provided at the bottom of the chamber for cleanout and dewatering
  • Dual cartridge filter flow rate can vary depending on cartridge type selected from 120 to 520 gpm
  • Internal debris storage capacity is 5.0 ft3
  • Built in high flow bypass is capable of passing 460.0 gpm (1.0 cfs)
  • Internal debris screen separates inlet side of treatment chamber from the filter cartridge area – coarse screen pre-filters the water helping to maintain treatment flow rate

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Connector Pipe Screen (CPS)

A Connector Pipe Screen (CPS) is a catch basin insert filter that is designed to capture trash. Unlike other catch basin inserts that are typically installed closer to the inlet (under the drain grate or below the curb opening), CPS inserts are installed in front of the catch basin’s outlet pipe – trapping trash and debris inside the catch basin while allowing filtered stormwater to exit into the storm drain infrastructure.

CPS insert features:

  • Manufactured from perforated, 14 gauge, 304 stainless steel sheets
  • Perforations have a 5 millimeter diameter – screen has an open area greater than 50%
  • CPS net open area (when converted to an equivalent pipe diameter) exceeds the actual diameter of the outlet pipe leaving the catch basin – CPS can pass more volume than the outlet pipe it covers
  • Overflow / bypass prevents flooding if screen becomes blocked or covered

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Trench Drain

The Fabco Trench Drain Filter is configured to fit within most flat bottomed trench drain inlets. The simple design traps sediment, trash and debris within the trench while allowing runoff water to pass through the filter and exit through the storm drain system.

Features Summary:

  • Modular filter designed to collect solid materials, sediments, trash, debris, as well as hydrocarbons, and nutrients
  • Available in sizes to fit wide variety of trench drain widths
  • Performs as an effective filtering device at high or low flows
  • Manufactured from perforated, 14 gauge, 304 Stainless Steel sheets, 5mm diameter Perforations
  • Debris Shield is hinged for easy access and replacement of the filter media element
  • Easy installation with Auto Adjust feature
  • Overflow / bypass port prevents flooding

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Flume ScreenBox

The Flume ScreenBox Stormwater Filter Treats Water Travelling Through an Open Channel Conveyance System

A flume is an engineered open channel drainage structure designed for moving water from one location to another in the form of an open chute with walls that are raised above the surrounding surfaces. Flumes or Conveyance channels will move lots of water with very little slope and allow for the passage of sedimentation and floating debris with little loss in head pressure. The Flume ScreenBox Stormwater Filter is specially designed for use in these situations.

The Flume ScreenBox Traps Solid Materials and Debris, While Allowing Runoff Water to Pass Through the Filter and Exit to the Storm Drain System

The Fabco flume filter is a specially shaped engineered drainage structure that are used to filter Storm water flowing in these open channel conveyance systems. The design traps solid materials and debris, while allowing runoff water to pass through the filter and exit to the storm drain system. The Flume ScreenBox system is manufactured from welded, high strength 3000/5000 series aluminum for longevity and features one or more easily maintained Filtering Bins that provide high treatment flow rates while capturing solid materials using screens and or a wire mesh. Flume ScreenBoxes are normally manufactured to customer specifications.

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StormSafe Cartridge Vaults are ideal for central drainage areas that require stormwater treatment beyond simple gross pollutants and trash removal. By utilizing the same proven filter technology from the StormBasin product line, the StormSafe Cartridge Vault can reduce concentrations of targeted stormwater pollutants in a cost-effective manner. The StormSafe Cartridge Vault is ideal for parking areas, storage areas and maintenance yards that have high concentrations of heavy metals, and oils & grease loads. The StormSafe Cartridge Vault is a good choice for projects with a treatment flow rate of 3 cubic feet/sec or less.

Relative to competitor vault systems, the StormSafe Cartridge Vault is designed to provide a highly effective treatment solution within a small foot print.

Multi-Chamber Vault

Inside the StormSafe Cartridge Vault there are 3 discrete chambers:

  • Chamber 1: Pretreatment Chamber – Untreated water enters the StormSafe here
  • Chamber 2: Filtration Chamber – Contains the filter cartridges.
  • Chamber 3: Outlet Chamber – Located behind the Pretreatment and Filtration chambers, the Outlet chamber contains the outfall pipe

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Fabco stormsafe for sediment nutrients heavy metals compact vault


FABGUARD media used in patented Helix treatment systems has been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for reducing coliform bacteria in stormwater, industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater applications. Read The Article.

High-Flow Filter System

The Helix is a next generation, high-flow, stormwater filter that can be housed in a vault or installed directly into an outfall pipe. When applied with Fabco’s proven FABGUARD antimicrobial media it can treat bacteria at a large scale.

Effective Two-Step Treatment Process

The Fabco Helix vault is has a two-step treatment process that incorporates an inlet chamber used to reduce clogging from sediments and debris, and a secondary treatment chamber that houses Fabco’s Helix filter elements. Coarse pollutants contained in the stormwater runoff is captured upfront – this sediment separator treats water at higher flow rates and can be serviced from the surface level with a Vac truck. The pre-treated water exiting the first chamber will keep the Helix filters cleaner, helping maintain flow rates and effectiveness while minimizing the need for maintenance.

Patented Helix Filter Technology

The horizontal filter column design provides great flexibility for selecting the appropriate filter length and diameter for a given flow rate (See 2 column design in image at right). The Helix elements inside the column(s) function as a multiple disk filter providing tremendous surface area for treatment. The spiral form offers multiple flow paths through the filter which allows the system to maintain a high flow rate while significantly reducing clogging potential.

Each Helix filter column has a designed treatment flow rate of approximately 3 cubic feet/sec. Helix filters are offered as single, double and triple column systems. Filter cartridges are replaceable and can be accessed though a standard 36″ diameter manhole provided in the vault.

Fabco Helix drawing stormwater

The coarse open cell foam acts as a mechanical pre-filter for the cartridge restricting coarse sediments, trash and debris while allowing mostly water to flow through. Stormwater passing through the complex cellular structure contacts the antimicrobial treated internal walls substantially reducing the growth and passage of pathogens through the cartridge.

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Fabco Filter Cartridge

Our filter cartridges are designed to provide effective treatment of stormwater while maintaining high flow rates throughout the life of the cartridge. Filter cartridges are available in various configurations allowing you to fine tune performance in terms of sediments and debris, heavy metals, hydrocarbons/toxic chemicals, pathogens/bacteria and nutrients. The lightweight filter cartridge comes fully assembled and snaps securely in place with a quick twist. The modular cartridge design allows quick and easy replacement while containing the spent material for safe transport and disposal.

2-Stage Filtration

Each Fabco filter cartridge is composed of a standard pre-filter section, and a main filter chamber which can be configured to target specific pollutants.


The pre-filter is manufactured using FABGUARD antimicrobial treated open cell Polymer foam pads. The coarse open cell foam acts as a mechanical pre-filter for the cartridge restricting coarse sediments, trash and debris while allowing mostly water to flow through. Stormwater passing through the complex cellular structure contacts the antimicrobial treated internal walls substantially reducing the growth and passage of pathogens through the cartridge.

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Proprietary Treatment Technologies

Fabco offers 5 filtration configurations (Standard, HV metals, Pathogens/bacteria, HV Hydrocarbons, Nutrients) using a combination of the following treatment technologies:

  • FABGUARD: This antimicrobial shield is a patented chemical technology that when applied to our foam material makes it antimicrobially active. FABGUARD fuses with the material and will not wash out, or leach into the environment. Microorganisms that contact the material are neutralized. Learn more
  • FABMAX: This chemical treatment is applied to our open cell polymer foam filtering media. It is hydrophobic and instantly bonds to any hydrocarbons in the water matrix. Learn more.
  • FABSORB: This oil absorbent fabric material is used for treating free and emulsified oils, greases and other hydrocarbon-based compounds. This non-woven, filter can absorb 10 to 20 times its own weight in oil, greases and hydrocarbons. Learn more.
  • FABLITE: This natural mineral compound removes heavy metals as well as low levels of dissolved pollutants like hydrocarbons and other toxic chemicals. Learn more.
  • FABPHOS: This proprietary filtering media treats soluble, ortho-phosphates in stormwater runoff. FABPHOS also is effective in reducing nitrogen compounds thus assisting stormwater managers meet the >40% N reduction required by many states. Learn more.
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Stormwater runoff flowing over paved and unpaved surfaces picks up many types of contaminants including: oil, grease, heavy metals, nutrients and even potentially harmful organisms and bacteria

Sources of these potentially harmful microorganisms can be as simple as fecal matter deposited on the surfaces by birds, wild animals or pet cats and dogs. Once these pathogens are assimilated into the water stream, they are easily transported through existing stormwater systems that can empty directly into local streams, lakes or estuaries. Here they can significantly impact the water quality causing both beaches and shellfish area closings.

FABGUARD media is an effective solution for reducing coliform bacteria in stormwater, industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater applications. FABGUARD media has been tested under diverse laboratory and field conditions. Learn more about FabGuard.

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