Recharger Stormwater Chambers
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CULTEC chambers are used as underground stormwater retention, recharging, detention, and flow control. These systems do not occupy valuable land and provide an efficient alternative to conventional stormwater retention/detention systems such as concrete structures, modular wetlands, ponds, swales, pipe and stone trenches or beds. The chambers are designed to withstand AASHTO HS-25 defined loads when installed according to the recommended installation instructions.

Water is collected in a catch basin or other collective device followed by a CULTEC Separator™ Row to be treated. The water is then directed into the Contactor® or Recharger® chambers and distributed via the side portal internal manifold and crushed stone embedment. Depending on the system application, the water infiltrates into the ground, or it is detained and released. Infiltration contact area is maximized by the fully open bottoms. The unique internal manifold feature promotes lateral flow and maximum design flexibility while reducing area, excavation, material and labor costs.

CULTEC stormwater systems are designed by using the largest chamber that meets the site’s depth constraint and system requirements. By choosing the largest available chamber that meets the system’s parameters, you reduce the number of chambers and land area required. The eight different chamber sizes range from 8.5” to 48” tall to accommodate both low-profile limitations as well as high-volume demands.

Recharger® 902HD Installation:
The Recharger® 902HD is a 48″ (1219 mm) tall, high capacity chamber. Typically when using this model, fewer chambers are required resulting in less labor and a smaller installation area. The Recharger® 902HD has the side portal internal manifold feature. HVLV® FC-48 Feed Connectors are inserted into the side portals to create the internal manifold.
Product Applications:
  • Retention Systems
  • Detention Systems
  • Infiltration Systems
  • Reclamation
  • Dry wells
  • Conveyance
  • Manage residential roof drain run-off
Additional System Benefits:
  • The units nest on pallets for convenient shipping and stockpiling of material
  • Maximize use of land area
  • Store larger volumes in a lower profile than comparably sized pipe
  • Inexpensive internal manifold bridges from one row to another and allows for a smaller footprint
  • Approved depths from 1.3 ft to 12 ft depending on the chamber model and site properties
  • Various pipe sizes to adapt to a variety of depths
  • The 30” tall and below chambers come with endcaps already formed to the chamber
  • Stone backfill to promote infiltration
  • Ability to recharge water on-site
  • Single or multi-level systems
  • Less heavy equipment required
  • Allows for greater infiltration into the ground
  • Permits further development of the land
  • Reduces insurance liabilities and potential breeding grounds for infectious mosquitoes associated with open ponds

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