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 California Filtration Specialists is dedicated to providing affordable and accessible drought solutions to everyone from homeowners to commercial and residential developers.


Reuse rainwater with AquaSave Rainwater Home Harvester® – an underground rainwater storage and harvesting system, designed specifically for your property and budget. Reduce your water bill and your ecological impact during the ongoing drought.

The drought is causing water districts to limit and/or eliminate watering of landscaping completely.  Currently, most districts only allow homeowners to water 3 times per week.  Most plants will not survive with this little amount of watering.

AquaSave Rainwater Home Harvester® System utilizes R-Tank modular storage systems that let you build to any shape or size.  R-Tank comes in different strengths so it can be placed under your yard, garden, or driveway.              

AquaSave Rainwater Home Harvester® incorporates pumps designed specifically for your use and property.  Our consultants will help you design and size your system and pump, from simple pumps that feed a hose to water a garden or more powerful pumps to run irrigation systems.                 

The AquaSave Rainwater Home Harvester® system can connect to all your drains, including Roof Drains, Yard Drains and Storm Drain Systems.  Or it can be simply placed under a garden so the water seeps into the tank.

Help reduce the strain on our natural resources by using the water that is on your property before it leaves.  Many will ask how it is possible to use rainwater for landscaping when we are in a drought and rainfall comes in spurts?  Even with these conditions, it has been proven that there is enough rainfall to water a yard for an entire year!  Homeowners can now keep their landscaping while reducing water bills and ecological burden.  Reuse your rainwater and become part of the solution by installing AquaSave® on your property today.

Let us customize a system for your personal needs.  Reuse for landscaping and avoid hefty fines and expensive water bills. Finally, a residential rainwater storage and reuse system made easy! AquaSave® is the ultimate homeowners’ solution to saving landscapes and reducing water bills, while still conserving our most precious natural resource.

  • Ideal for homeowners
  • Easy system with a simple to use pump
  • Save $$ on your water bill
  • Reduce your impact during droughts
  • Reuse our most precious resource
  • No more ugly cisterns and above ground storage tanks
  • Save your lawn
  • Save your landscape
  • Avoid penalty fees
  • Water as your landscape requires, not when the city tells you to
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