Ecoraster Infiltration Product

Ecoraster is a permeable paving solution that allows for natural drainage into the ground. This environmentally friendly product has been developed and produced in Germany from 100% recycled materials (LDPE) since 1994. With over 200 million square feet installed worldwide, the Ecoraster is an economical and versatile surfacing solution for stormwater management. Most importantly, Ecoraster products are designed to be maintenance-free.


Exceeds H20 Truck Loading

Ecoraster Bloxx

Product Descriptions

The Ecoraster is a versatile, heavy duty plastic grid that when filled with gravel, vegetation, or pavers, provides a heavily reinforced yet permeable ground cover. Depending on the type of application, Ecoraster has several product options to allow a Designer to specify a durable and efficient permeable ground reinforcement system (E50, E40, E30, X30, S50, Bloxx). The variations of Ecoraster can be used to bear loads in applications ranging from footpaths to helicopter landing pads. Here is a general overview of each product:

E50 – the perfect solution for heavy-duty construction and landscaping. It can hold 70,000 pounds per square foot and withstand even the harshest of weather all year long.

E40/E30/X30 – are durable and lightweight making it a great option for projects ranging from barn floors to RV parking lots.

S50 – With the design and durability of Ecoraster behind it, S50 has been specifically manufactured to support a wide variety of equestrian needs.

Bloxx – has a high filtration rate that prevents stormwater runoff and promotes infiltration into the ground. Pavers are available in concrete and rubber allowing for creative and dynamic designs.

Additional Benefits:

  • Easy and quick installation (up to 1,076 ft2 per person)
  • High resilience (up to 70,000 pounds/ ft2)
  • Low maintenance
  • Installation without heavy construction equipment
  • No edging needed
  • Permeable ground reinforcement
  • Versatile applications
  • Weatherproof and unbreakable
  • Safety interlocking, 36 notches per m2
  • UV-resistant and frostproof
  • 20 year warranty