ACE Fiber is a high strength fiber additive that enhances the performance of asphalt through reinforcement. ACE Fiber is comprised of aramid fibers which roots/anchors into the asphalt bitumen and increases the tensile strength. The aramid used in ACE Fiber has been proven to increase the strength, crack resistance, rut resistance, fatigue life, and improve toughness and service life of any asphalt concrete mixture.

ACE FIBER can be used in both new construction and overlays. With ACE Fiber blended into hot mix asphalt it significantly reduces the overall maintenance costs by increasing the service life of your asphalt. By using ACE Fiber, the lifespan and performance factors of roadways can be exponentially increased.  Recent test data and results for ACE Fiber demonstrate the following performance improvements:

  • Up to 500% Equivalent Single Axle Load Increases
  • Up to 140% Increase in Thermal/Reflective Crack Resistance
  • Up to 40% Increase in Fatigue Cracking Resistance
  • Up to 200% Elastic Modulus Increases
  • Up to 60% Increase in Rut Resistance

ACE Fiber™ extends pavement service life by dramatically improving the dynamic modulus of the asphalt layer and increasing the asphalt’s resistance to cracking and rutting (distresses that may cause premature failure). To create ACE Fiber™, high-strength man-made “aromatic polyamide” or Aramid Fibers are bundled and coated with Sasobit® wax to create an asphalt concrete additive that is simple to mix with any WMA or HMA in drum and batch asphalt operations. The 3-dimensional reinforcement throughout the asphalt layer increases the asphalt’s resistance to cracking, rutting, and fatigue while providing improved ESAL capacity.


By adding ACE Fiber™ to an asphalt concrete mix design, an engineer, owner or agency can expect the following Value-Added Results:

  1. ADD tremendous amounts of strength and durability at VERY LITTLE COST
  2. ADD some strength and durability at NO COST
  3. SAVE COSTS in lieu of traditional methods (Polymer Modified Binder or Interlayers)

ACE Fiber™ Value Proposition Examples

ACE Fiber Videos:

On-site supervision by a qualified ACE Fiber QA/QC technician is included in every sale to ensure the mixing process is performed per the specifications and manufacturers recommendations.

Once ACE Fiber™ is dispersed throughout the asphalt mix, the 19 million light-weight individual fibers do not cause any changes to the working characteristics of asphalt concrete. ACE Fiber reinforced asphalt concrete goes through the paver in the exact same way, can be raked and shoveled in the same way and can be compacted the same way using the same equipment. All lay down procedures are seamless, making adoption of the technology easy and cost-effective. Add ACE Fiber™ to overlays and new pavements alike.

ACE Fiber

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