FocalPoint Biofiltration

FocalPoint High Performance Modular Biofiltration System (HPMBS) utilizes physical, chemical and biological mechanisms of soil, plant and microbe complex to remove pollutants typically found in urban stormwater runoff. The highly efficient FocalPoint system allows for more usable square footage on a project; space that would otherwise be wasted by large Bioretention areas. FocalPoint’s next generation biofiltration media is the key to its high performance. Infiltration flow rates for FocalPoint standard media exceed 100” per hour. Reliable, high-performance biofiltration enables reduced footprints, factors of safety, new application options, and lower installation and maintenance costs. More than 600 FocalPoint HPMBS have been successfully installed across the United States.

FocalPoint is a scalable biofiltration system which combines the efficiency of high flow rate engineered soils with the durability and modularity of a highly pervious open cell under drain/storage/infiltration system. At the heart of every FocalPoint HPMBS is its high performance engineered soil blend. This advanced technology provides high flow rates and pollutant removal rates for common stormwater contaminants. FocalPoint’s high-flow media is resistant to clogging and requires minimal maintenance.  As an option, the FocalPoint system can also be modified for enhanced performance on certain targeted pollutants. FocalPoint can also be paired with R-Tank to maximize stormwater storage and infiltration.

FocalPoint has been approved by various municipalities, cities, and states throughout the country!

FocalPoint paired with R-Tank to enhance stormwater infiltration and storage