Focal Point Enhanced Metal Removal

The Focal Point EMR is a modular system that combines several types of filtration media to remove pollutants from NPDES stormwater discharges. This system combines technologies to meet stringent water quality standards while also reducing the footprint and cost required for treatment. The Focal Point EMR system is comprised of three parts:

  1. Gabion Barrier – This prevents larger debris from entering the system’s filter media beds.
  2. FocalPoint High Performance Modular Biofiltration System – This high-flow biofiltration system acts as a pretreatment LID chamber, reducing pollutants from discharges prior to entering the Navy’s structural BMP. In addition, the plants in this system remove pollutants from stormwater by adsorption. Pollutants addressed include bacteria, TSS, nutrients, oil & grease, phosphorus, metals, as well as other pollutants.
  3. Structural BMP: Patented by the Navy, this chamber is made up a configuration of Bone Char (a granular form or calcined cattle bones) and FS-50 (an activated alumina).

The first installation of this system was in 2018 at the Point Loma Naval Weapons Station in Point Loma, California. Stormwater testing and analysis is currently underway at the facility. Demonstration of this technology shows a sustainable method to reduce particulate and heavy metal contaminant concentrations. Each system can be customized for variable site conditions.

If interested in using the Focal Point EMR for a retrofit or on a new construction project, please contact California Filtration Specialists for a site visit and design assistance.



  • Industrial General Permit Facilities
  • Port Facilities
  • Navy Facilities
  • New Construction Industrial Sites
Influent Sample
Effluent Sample