Energy-Passive Groundwater Recharge Product (EGRP)

The EGRP is a sustainable water infiltration and drainage method. The EGRP empowers you to deal with runoff water at the source, cost effectively, environmentally, and with minimal disruption. The end results meet the demands of today’s stormwater management regulations.

The EGRP allows for increased water infiltration, groundwater recharge, and balanced soil moisture. Once acclimated, the EGRP system joins separate soil layers and promotes connectivity across the soil matrix, allowing both mass flow and diffuse water movement. The EGRP promotes surface infiltration, and it increases the volume of stormwater that can be infiltrated and stored in the soil matrix by balancing soil-water potential across the soil strata in the vadose zone.

A hole, slightly larger in diameter than the EGRP and at least 12’’ longer than the length of the EGRP, is compression augured to the appropriate depth in the saturated ground. The EGRP are inserted, then the hole is closed with the native soil.

Product Features:

  • Infiltrates water, reduces runoff water, and stabilizes soil moisture
  • Reduces hydrostatic pressure in sub-structures, rebalances hydrologic cycle, and recharges groundwater
  • Green solution that requires no energy and no maintenance
  • 25-year guarantee

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