R-Tank for Rainwater Storage and Harvesting

Due to increased pressure on our natural water sources, the capture and reuse of rainwater has become a benchmark for green infrastructure and sustainable practices. Rainwater harvesting offers benefits to landowners, developers, the environment and so much more.

Rainwater harvesting contributes to a healthy ecosystem by decreasing the amount of storm water that can flow across polluted surfaces such as roadways, picking up dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants before it finally ends up in our U.S. waterways.

  • Excellent source of water for landscape irrigation, with no filtration system required
  • Reduces the need for imported water (the San Diego region imports between 80%-90% of its water from Northern California and Colorado River)
  • Promotes both water and energy conservation
  • Reduces flooding, stormwater runoff and erosion

The R-Tank is the most efficient underground stormwater storage system available in today’s market. The R-Tank can easily be used for rainwater harvesting; a practice both helpful and necessary for preserving and reusing our most precious natural resource. Because of R-Tank’s efficiency it requires minimum excavation for maximum storage of rainwater. R-Tank modules provide flexibility in designing underground storage of stormwater runoff.   In the urban environment, R-Tank provides versatile and efficient storage below tree boxes, bump-outs, bio-swales, Etc.

  • Underground stormwater storage systems provide detention or infiltration of stormwater without consuming the space above.
  • These systems can function perfectly beneath parking lots, athletic fields, fire lanes, and green spaces.
  • After a rain event fills the R-Tank, stormwater can flow into the drainage system, infiltrate into the ground, or be reused.
  • By lining the underground R-tank system with 30mL visqueen, the rainwater can be easily stored and re-used for your site’s irrigation, landscaping and more!
  • Can be used in for various commercial properties such as: vineyards, farms, gardens, hotels, and many more.