Trash Reduction Devices

CFS provides durable trash reduction devices that are significantly less expensive than our competitors, making our products the obvious choice for the pretreatment of stormwater. Using decentralized treatment methods, larger pollutants can be targeted in the catch basin or inlet with a variety of trash capture units and adjustable filters.


Trash Guard Plus® is a patented stormwater pretreatment device that captures debris, sediment, and floatables. This connector pipe screen unit is available in three screen sizes for in-place or newly formed catch-basins that utilize discharge pipes of 24 inches or less in diameter. Each screen can be adjusted at installation to accommodate low-flow stormwater events of 10 cubic feet per second (cfs) or more. Trash Guard Plus® is easy to install and maintain, and it costs a fraction of alternate pretreatment devices. TrashGuard Plus® has extensive testing and an available calculator to assist design professionals in selecting the correct screen size for their particular project.

Benefits of Trash Guard Plus®

  • Captures debris, sediments, and floatables
  • Simples retrofits to existing catch basins
  • Installs without heavy equipment
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Adjusts to irregular catch basin bottoms and/or walls
  • Eliminates eyesore stormwater trash at public parks, beaches, and waterways
  • Removes harmful nutrients and regulated metals
Technical Details:
Trash Guard 1
Trash Guard 2


Using a Trash Interceptor in conjunction with a Trash Guard Plus® unit will greatly reduce maintenance costs by preventing larger debris from entering a curb inlet. This trash can be easily removed with street sweeping. This product not only meets the zero trash requirements for municipalities, but it is also 75% less expensive than automatic retractable screens. It comes in various sizes so that any inlet opening can be protected. Its sectional design allows for units to be removed if a larger rain event is predicted.

  • With a Trash Interceptor, larger debris is blocked from getting into the storm drain inlet and can simply be removed with a street sweeper.
  • The Trash Interceptor comes in 30-in, 36-in, and 42-in sections so that any inlet opening can be protected. In addition, this sectional design allows for the removal of sections if very large rain events are predicted.
Pic 36
Trash Interceptor 2


Certified as a full capture device by the State of California, Fabco’s Connector Pipe Screen (CPS) is a catch basin insert filter that is designed to treat water by trapping trash and debris inside the catch basin while allowing filtered stormwater to exit via the effluent pipe. Unlike other catch basin inserts that are typically installed closer to the inlet (under the drain grate or below the curb opening), CPS inserts are installed in front of the catch basin’s outlet pipe. Fabco CPS devices are designed to treat and bypass water at the same rate as the pipe they’re protecting. Additionally, the devices are designed to fit through a typical 22” diameter manhole opening, which makes installation easy in both new and existing catch basins.

Fabco CPS Features:

  • Manufactured from perforated, 14 gauge, 304 stainless steel sheets
  • Available for outlet pipes up to 36″ in diameter
  • Perforations have a 5 millimeter diameter – Screen has an open area greater than 50% with 3/16” holes
  • CPS net open area (when converted to an equivalent pipe diameter) exceeds the actual diameter of the outlet pipe leaving the catch basin
    – CPS can pass more volume than the outlet pipe it covers
  • Overflow/bypass prevents flooding if screen becomes blocked or covered
  • Device collapses for entry via curb inlet or 22” diameter manhole opening
Fabco CPS 2(1)


Featuring a woven Geotextile filter bag, the StormSack provides high treatment flow rates, and has a replaceable oil absorbent boom for the treatment of oils and grease.

The StormSack is ideally suited for municipal storm drain retrofits due to its low maintenance design. The StormSack is specifically designed for the capture of gross pollutants: sediment, trash, and oil and grease. Available in over 400 sizes, the StormSack also comes standard with a patented dovetailed aluminum flange, enabling quick sizing adjustments during installation.

  • Durable, aluminum frame construction has 15-year service life
  • Integrated oil boom effectively absorbs hydrocarbons
  • Easy maintenance performed with a standard vector truck
  • Extracted waste has minimal water content reducing disposal weight and volume
  • Baffled bypass will trap floatables

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