R-tank is modular & flexible

It’s been a busy start to a busy summer here at CFS! We had the opportunity to be involved with a tricky project in San Luis Obispo. The contractor and owner found a constant 6″ of groundwater at the bottom of the excavation for this 3,372 cf RTank system. Several submersible pumps later it was determined that the bountiful water table in this location was not going away!

This project originally specified an arch system with a large rock bed. Unfortunately, this conflicted with the building’s foundation and the recommendation was to redesign the foundation! R-Tank’s 95% void space and modular design was easily fit between the foundation and grade beams!

CFS and the project team were able to quickly raise the bottom of tank elevation by 8″ to avoid the ground water by adding additional stone base for the system. The storm drain inlet lines were still able to connect to the system without any changes to the already installed lines. The modularity and flexibility of the RTank system gave the owner and contractor the ability to make a quick field change without having to halt their schedule. Another quality system put in the ground by a great team! #construction #contractor #water #stormwater #rtank #modular #cisterns #sanluisobispo #california #valueengineering