San Clemente Waste Water Case Study

We installed FABCO StormBasin filtration systems at the City of San Clemente’s Waste Water Treatment plant. This FABCO system was designed to target Phosphorus, Bacteria and Nitrogen pollutants by utilizing a FABPHOS filter cartridge. FABPHOS is a proprietary filtering media that treats soluble, orthophosphates in stormwater runoff. FABPHOS is also effective in reducing nitrogen & bacteria compounds.

CFS contracted WCM to modify the stormdrain structure at one of the outfall sampling locations. The scope of work consisted of the demolition of the existing sheet flow concrete apron and the building of a new drop inlet connected to an existing concrete swale. A FABCO FABPHOS Filtration insert was placed inside of the drop inlet to capture and treat water prior to leaving the site. Through strategic partnerships with qualified professional CFS and WCM are capable of reconfiguring a facility storm drain system to provide effective stormwater filtration systems.