TAPE Guild Certified

StormGarden is a Low Impact Design (LID) micro-bioretention system that has been engineered for high flow treatment and high pollutant removal. The high flow-through rate of the engineered media results in a much smaller footprint than traditional #bioretention systems, thus treating the same amount of #stormwater runoff at a fraction of the cost. Expected Pollutant Removal includes; Total Suspended Solids (TSS) > 91%, Total Phosphorous > 60%, Total Copper > 60%, Dissolved Copper > 36%, Total Zinc > 79%, Dissolved Zinc > 64% & Oil & Grease > 34%.

Additional Benefits:

  • 20% to 30% smaller footprint than the competition due to a higher media flow-through rate.
  • Increased pollutant removal efficiencies due to runoff reduction capabilities.
  • Easily maintained by local landscape companies.