Easy Ways to Comply with your Changing Status and Regulations under the Industrial General Permit

Easy Ways to Comply with your Changing Status and Regulations under the Industrial General Permit

(plus other effective stormwater compliance solutions…)

An all too common problem for today’s industrial facilities is how to meet stormwater regulations with limited budgets and tight space constraints. However, it is possible to meet these changing requirements without ripping up a huge chunk of your site to install an expensive centralized treatment system. Here’s how…

Fabco’s cartridge-based filtration systems are inserted directly into the storm drain inlet system and can treat each catch basin separately; providing an affordable, decentralized stormwater filtration solution.

Fabco’s customizable filtration devices are easy to install and maintain. Fabco filtration technology satisfies the main principles of Green Infrastructure as they can be easily retrofitted into existing structures. The filter systems are simple to clean out and the cartridges are replaceable for quick maintenance. The StormBasin and StormSack are two filtration devices that can help reduce the level of pollutants in stormwater discharges from an industrial site.

converted PNM file
converted PNM file

The StormBasin is a filtration BMP that employs filter cartridges to remove fine particulates, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, organics and bacteria. The media in the cartridges can be customized to target specific pollutants of concern.





Pic 37The StormSack is ideally suited for municipal storm drain retrofits due to its low maintenance design. The StormSack is specifically designed for the capture of gross pollutants: sediment, trash, and oil and grease.





California Filtration Specialists (CFS) has the solution to any of your IGP compliance concerns. As the exclusive California distributors of Fabco Inc.’s line of cartridge-based filtration systems, CFS is confident we can find an efficient stormwater solution for your property’s needs.


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