ACE Fiber Prevails in Recent Test Projects

The County of Pima in Arizona recently completed a test project featuring the only two FRAC (Fiber Reinforced Asphaltic Concrete) manufacturers that provide Aramid Fiber reinforcing for AC pavements.  The project consisted of three clearly defined limits for standard AC pavement, ACE Fiber, and “brand X”.  This study was created to compare AC pavement performance, manufacturing, and QC/QA processes of the two FRAC providers.

Upon execution of both FRAC sections as few items were immediately noted:


  • ACE Fiber’s superior QC/QA procedures were noted as we:
    • Attended the pre-paving conference with the County, CM, and contractors
    • Met with the AC plant prior to operations to review staging, dosing, and safety
  • ACE Fiber did not clump at the plant or while being placed
    • By using Sasobit wax as our binder to contain the fiber until introduced in the drum, the AC placement was improved
    • This clumping was observed at the plant and while placing the AC using “brand X”
  • ACE Fiber evening distributed over 18mil fibers throughout each ton of AC
  • ACE Fiber provided a PE stamped certification that our fiber met or exceeded the 85% disbursement requirement


Most notably the paving section without ACE Fiber began showing cracking within days of placing the AC.  To date, no cracking or distress has been observed in the section the incorporated ACE Fiber.


For more information, please contact CFS at or by phone at 858-705-6483 for California and Nevada or at 520-488-6175 for Arizona.

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