Biofiltration Media Blend Placement

California Filtration Specialists (CFS) worked with the County of Santa Barbara to blend a biofiltration media to be placed at a wastewater treatment facility. This specific facility was concerned with their discharge of nutrients during each storm event. The engineer of record (Tetra-Tech) consulted with CFS to develop a unique media blend that could capture the pollutants of concern. Our team proposed a proprietary blend of ASTM C-33 Washed Sand, Coconut Coir and Washed Organic Evergreen Biocarbon. All three components were sourced from reputable suppliers that provide rigorous quality assurance measures to ensure the highest grade materials were included in this media blend.

There are an abundance of stormwater filtration medias on the market that all have their unique applications. Our goal for this project was to provide a media that could capture a wide range of pollutants while working within the County of Santa Barbara’s budget. There are numerous filtration medias that could have been included in this blend. However based on analytical test results and the price of the medias we decided that the Sand, Coir and Biocarbon mix would be suitable for this project.

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