Merged Organizations Now Have Control Over Ecoraster Distribution in the Western US

Escondido, CA – California Filtration Specialists, LLC. and Eqo Pro, LLC. have officially joined forces to expand the capabilities of both companies and maintain control over the distribution of Ecoraster, a high-strength, permeable ground reinforcement system, in the Western U.S.

CFS and Eqo Pro are excited to provide their customers with strengthened support regarding professional engineering capabilities and expanded geographic offerings. Effective immediately, the cutting-edge ground reinforcement and water infiltration technology, Ecoraster, is available for purchase through CFS in the following states: Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

The capabilities of both companies have been greatly improved by merging territories, expertise, personnel, and support for product delivery, engineering, and installation. The extensive experience CFS has obtained in heavy civil construction, stormwater permit compliance, and stormwater treatment systems adds a unique value to this newly expanded Ecoraster market. Availability of Ecoraster inventory, timely shipping, and freight costs throughout the territory will also be improved thanks to consolidated personnel and strategically placed storage warehouses in Escondido, CA, and Ontario, OR.

Eqo Pro was founded by Joe Sharp in 2013, and it was established as an LLC in 2016. Sharp was introduced to Ecoraster when working on an installation crew for distributors out of Canada. After verifying the quality of the Ecoraster product, Sharp knew he wanted to play a larger role in its distribution. Eqo Pro’s Ecoraster sales categorized by industry are as follows: 60% equine, 20% driveways and parking lots, 10% agricultural applications, and 10% pools and spas.

CFS is the exclusive distributor for a variety of filtration, infiltration, biofiltration, permeable surfacing, and rain harvesting manufacturers. All their products will reduce both the footprint and costs required to achieve water quality objectives for industrial sites and construction projects. The parent company of CFS, Whitson Contracting & Management, Inc., provides stormwater compliance (CGP, IGP, MS4) and heavy civil construction management services.


For more information on this merger or the Ecoraster permeable grid system, please contact