Ecoraster is a heavy-duty access road solution for a property in Twain Harte, CA

This steep mountain access road has a 24% grade at its steepest area. Access becomes extremely difficult during rain and/or snow events. Both concrete and asphalt options proved too expensive for the owner, and a gravel road would not work because the gravel would migrate.

Ecoraster E40 was installed on this access road. Each sheet of Ecoraster contains 12 individual pieces of E40. Each sheet was pinned to the decomposed granite subgrade with 3/8in rebar bent into a “fish hook” style fastener with a 12in long end. Two pins were installed to each sheet to prevent sliding of the E40 on this steep grade. The road was completed in 3 days: On day 1 it was graded; on day 2 the grid was placed by 4 people; and on day 3 it was filled with rock.

This driveway has greatly improved access to this property and has withstood multiple rain and snow storms. The customer has plowed this driveway on multiple occasions and regardless of the steep gradient, this roadway remains firmly secured to the subgrade and is accessible by all required vehicles. Of even greater significance is that the owner experienced a clogged culvert during a 2″ rain storm which resulted in erosion and flooding on the property. However, water was able to flow through the Ecoraster and the road was unscathed!

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